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Have the best experience with the best DIY party ideas!- Party Planner Virginia

Everyone loves parties, but maybe you have no idea how expensive these parties can be! Most people are worried about making everything fit into their budget for a party of few people. Here, the best option is throwing a DIY party on a budget. DIY is an acronym you can see and hear everywhere, which stands for “Do It Yourself.” This “DIY” term has taken on a huger meaning that subsequently covers a wide range of skills. A “Do It Yourself party” is a celebration where you will arrange everything by yourself. This actually means that all the money you spend on the party is under your control. Did you ever consider that you can create most of the awesome party ideas you see in party stores? You can create them at home without noticeable changes or add some more creativeness as well.

There can be so many reasons to throw a party, and there are even more ways to decorate the occasion. Even if you are not crafty, spending time to make your space more festive can contribute to the event’s success. There is when the DIY party theme comes to the front. The following DIY party decorations ideas are suitable for a wide range of celebrations. Each DIY party idea will enhance the nature of your event without costing a lot of money in the process. Check whether you can create the following DIY party decorations on a budget at home. These easy DIY party decorations are applicable for both DIY party decorations adults and kids. So have an idea of how to make party decorations at home.

party ideas

DIY party decorations with paper

  1.  Make Festive Tassel Garlands

Colorful garlands made from tissue paper and twine are not only easy-to-make and cheap. Without a doubt, they are versatile to fit any function. You can decorate a snack or dessert table and your doorway with these, even to frame a mantel. Do not throw them away after the party! Because there are a thousand ways to incorporate this into your next celebration.

2. Fashion Paper Fans that Hang From the Ceiling

Paper fans are common and classic party decorations that truly fit any celebration type. Try to make a bunch of fans using a variety of paper and patterns. Then hang them all from the ceiling at different lengths. As they also look great on walls, you can just paste them like that, clustered together in random groups.

3. Cut out Paper Star Bursts

In fact, DIY party decor does not have to be very expensive. Sometimes all you need are some colored paper and enough patience. The more starbursts you create with paper, the more impact they have on the decorations. You can either cluster them into a bowl or hang them from the ceiling using strings.

4. Craft reusable Flowers to use Over and Over

Using natural flora for each and every party you throw will be harmful to both your money and nature. Making some beautiful and real-looking paper flowers will be a perfect solution. You can reuse them if you keep them safe after the latest party. In fact, buying natural flowers costs a lot. Even if you managed to buy anyway, it is not certain that you can have as many flowers as you need. Considering the circumstance, DIY flowers seem like the best option you got.

paper flowers

5. Craft a Piñata out of a Paper Bag

Buying a piñata from any store is easy enough, but their designs are ordinary and limited. Instead, why don’t you make this very straightforward piñata using a tissue paper and paper bag? Sometimes, this piñata might serve better than just some decorative item. It will be different from cardboard ones and make your party incomparable.

DIY Party Backdrops

  1. Create a photogenic Wall

Photo booths are always party hits, but now colorful photo backdrops are vastly popular over social media feeds. Design a festive, bright wall using glue dots and crepe paper. This little project is quick, cheap, and will survive the whole party. Watch and take part as your guests snap selfies, and not forget to offer the photo booth props. This is one of the most trending and coolest DIY party decorations.

2. Try Paper Chains for a Backdrop

Decorations made of paper have evolved from twisted banners to backdrops. The more eye-catching the backdrop, the more festive the celebration is going to feel. One creative idea is to set up a particular area for a photo booth, using paper chains to crutch the space.

3. Build a perfect Balloon Arch

Add an extra shine and festivity to your party with a pretty and big balloon arch. All it takes are balloons of a few colors, wires, and command hooks to make your party look humble and facile. Placing a balloon arch near the entrance is a common way. But you can use it as a nice photo booth backdrop or as a décor above the gift table as well.

4. Fill an entire Wall up With Balloons

It is common to hang balloons in the entrance or at the end of a streamer. That is a pretty basic way of using balloons to decorate your party. Instead, think about decorating one focal wall in your party space with multicolored balloons. Make sure to keep the rows and columns of the balloon wall at the same level for the best results.

5. Use Templates to Create a Feature Wall

There are enough tutorials and templates to guide you by creating a blogger-worthy level party backdrop. You can apply this feature wall to any party very easily. All you have to do is download the template you desire and then use it as your cutting guide. You can add some extra creativity and customize the design anytime.

DIY party banner

A banner often gives a direct explanation about the celebration or for whom you are planning all these. So it is indeed a significant item in the party.

Are you wondering or worrying about how to create a banner for your party? There are thousands of possibilities you can create your own party banner. Actually, this is a very simple task that requires none of the skills. Do not bother if you have no prior crafting experience; you can still make a pleasant banner. The following instructions are for making a basic banner, and the rest, the decorative party, is always in your hands.

Let us start with the material of the banner.

Materials you need to create a banner.

  • Cardstock (in the color of your choice)
  • Confetti
  • Mod Podge
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon, twine, or raffia
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors
  1. Fold a piece of cardstock (you can choose the cardstock size, e.g., 8.5″x11″)in half, then divide it into four equal pieces.
  2. Cut the color paper into strips, leaving the folded edge untouched.
  3. Attach a ribbon between the cardstock’s edges using double-sided tape.
  4. Space the pieces of paper evenly on the ribbon and fix.
  5. Beautify each banner’s bottom half with a layer of Mod Podge. Sprinkle on some confetti, press a little, and shake off the extra pieces.
  6. Let the banner dry for half an hour before hanging.

The instruction given above is for the very basic banner that suits every celebration. You can simply apply the names, wishes, quotes, and many things according to the nature of the celebration. Paper fan banners, paper flower banners, streamer banners are all-time best party decorations that nicely eligible for any party. Crape and tissue papers are the common sources used to make streamer or streamer garland banners. Most DIY paper flowers require the same materials, while paper fans need firmer material.

DIY party hat

Parties are more festive with a party hat. Maybe only one person, or maybe only some of the crew members are wearing party hats. Whatever it is, everyone loves wearing a party hat as it makes them feel really cool. So if you are planning a DIY party, do not let your friends’/relatives’ hopes down. Just make some cool hats. You can create them more easily than many other decorations you have to create before the party. So, here are the basic steps you have to follow to make a common party hat. The finishing of the hat requires your creative imagination.

DIY party hat 

Step 01: Gather some cardstock papers, scissors, stapler, strings, glue, and decorative items as you like.

Step 02: Cut the corners off the cardstock papers to form large circles. Now, starting from the outside to the middle of the circle, cut a narrow triangle.

Step 03: Form the cardstocks to form a conical shape by overlapping the two bottom edges of the triangle you cut. The fit of the hat depends on how far you overlap the two edges. Now staple if you have finished.

Step 04: Cut two tiny holes of the bottom of the hat and insert the string through them. Tie knots on both sides to secure.

Step 05: Now your party hat is ready! Now it is your time to decorate it in any way you like. You may have a specific theme for the party, so make your hat look like a part of it. Turning the simple conical cardstock into a fabulous hat is your task. You could also craft crowns instead of party hats. This is a cool idea if you are planning any celebration for kids. Party crowns will amaze them than the ordinary conical party hats. For further ideas, check on the following DIY party hat clipart as well.

DIY party lighting

When you think of how to light up your DIY party, there are some facts you must consider. Whether you are throwing the party indoor or outdoor, the first thing is whether you are throwing the party. The outdoor spaces are perfect for parties in warmer seasons, while the indoor ones are essential during the cold seasons. For any party or celebration, you need light, which is a fact.

Outdoor lighting

Compared to indoor parties, outdoor space is not a problem. It is rather an opportunity to make your outer space your own.

  • DIY party cup garland

Take some leftover one-time-use party cups and fix LEDs on the inner side of them. So the cups will look just like lamps, and you can hang them up as a garland!

  • Hanging Jam Jars

Insert a fat candle inside your empty jam jar and hang it outside using a thin chain or a rope. This is not only beautiful but also makes nature calming and pleasing.

  • Fairy lights on your fence

It is a simple and interesting task that anyone can accomplish. Take the large or small fairy bulbs and hang them all to the garlands’ shape on the fence. Set a timer in a way they can turn on at night automatically.

  • Lantern Holder with a Wooden Post

If you can find a good post, this will be a very nice and classy outdoor lighting idea. Establish a hanger on the upper part of the post and hang a classic lantern. You can use a candle as the source of light. See how grand your outdoor party can be with a tiny difference like this.

  • Recycled pallet light

Ask a supplier to bring you some recycled thin pallets which are really cheap and make a box with them. Do not forget to leave enough space for the light to come out. Before you close the whole box, insert lights in the box, and by the time the party begins, supply electricity. This will be an amazing creation that can light up space and contribute to the décor.

Indoor lighting
  • Make your thoughts shine.

Place the fairy lights on the wall to represent your thoughts with shine. Just pick the most appropriate word/ words and shape the lights like letters. So, it will feel like your thoughts lighten the whole party.

  • Chandelier fairy lights

Take two or more cables and make similar circles with them. To hang this structure from the ceiling, add up three/four chains or ropes as well. Then you can wrap your fairy lights around the circular cables and light them up. You have created a classic and elegant chandelier unconsciously! Decorations like these are good to hang over the dining table.

Chandelier fairy lights

  • Frosty light lamp

Have yourself a few frosted vases and insert a string of tiny multicolor bulbs. Place an attached battery pack with the bottle so you can move this beautiful frosty lamp anywhere. If you want to add more of these lamps, insert half of a single bulb string in one bottle. Let the other half shine inside another vase.

  • Empty frame light

You would probably have at least one or two useless photo frames in your home. Instead of throwing it away, try to make a shining photo frame using strings of bulbs. Not only the empty photo frames, but you can also use the same method for the mirrors.

DIY party favors

When there are so many beloved people who are coming to celebrate with you, you cannot send them empty-handed. It is very sweet to send them off with a small party gift of sorts. Grab some inspiration from the following ideas as well.

  • Champagne Bottles

This is the perfect favor for small parties like a bachelorette or bridal shower where a limited number of people gather. Decorate the little champagne bottles beautifully and express your gratitude to the guests.

  • Small floral bouquets

Flowers are always pleasing, and giving a little bunch of flowers will make every mind happy. The bouquets do not have to be large; a single big blossom in each bouquet would be enough. Give them a nice wrapping and tie with a clean bow.

  • Hot sauce

These do not have to be from the store. You can pack home-made sauce in cute bottles and distribute it among the crew. Not only sauce, any product like jam, but pickle would also be fine.

  • Coffee bean Jars

Coffee beans are a safe route when it comes to party favors. You can contain coffee beans in glass jars, tins, transparent bottles, or other suitable wrappings to keep the coffee’s classiness.

  • Herb salt

Herbed salt is a valuable gift if you can give it as a favor. Buy herb salt from the store, package them nicely, and send them off with family and friends.

  • Honey Jars

This is both a funny and healthy idea. Pure honey is useful in many ways, and the crew will love to receive such a generous gift. Here too, make the package adorable.

The above ideas are just samples of thousands of favorite ideas. These favors differ from person to person according to their will and capability. The only fact that matters is whether your gift pleases your beloved ones’ minds.

DIY party games

Here we are talking about some suitable games for both kids and adults.

  • How’s yours

Pick a person to be “it” and send them away from the room. The people stay in the room and select a common trait, such as body parts or clothing articles, or anything. When the person returns, make him ask one out of the crew, “how’s yours.” Then that one must say one adjective that describes the common trait. Likewise, continue until the person guesses the trait.

  • Would you rather?

Gather in a circle and ask the person standing next to you, “would you rather…?” including two challenging situations. After he/she answers, it is their time to ask the next person. Repeat the game until everyone is out of ideas. This is a simple and funny game for both kids and adults.

  • Musical chairs

This is also good for both kiddos and adults. Set chairs in a circle, facing outward. The number of chairs must be one less than the number of players. Let a thrilling song play, and all the players must walk in a circle close to the chairs. Once the music ends, all must sit, and the one without a chair fails the game. Repeat the game and reduce the number of chairs per round. In the end, two people will be fighting for a single chair, and the one who sits on it wins.

  • Telephone

This is an old but still a nice game. You must gather in a circle to start. Pick a phrase to whisper to the next person’s ear with no repetition. Like this, everyone in the circle whispers to the next person, saying what they have heard from the previous one. Finally, when the phrase reaches its owner, everyone can laugh at how distorted it has got.

These are not only for the DIY parties but also for any other celebration. You can customize them into whatever you want, keeping the fun unchanged.

DIY party supplies

Common DIY party supplies are as the following. Both what you need and not depends on the nature of your party.

  • Coat rack
  • A place to keep shoes/ umbrellas
  • Ice cubes, ice bucket, ice tongs, scoop
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Candles
  • Paper towels
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Plates for various food
  • Glasses
  • Garbage bags
  • Cream and sugar
  • Pepper and salt
  • Charged camera battery
  • Coffee/ tea bags
  • Club soda
  • Bar garnishes

DIY party tent

Considering the party tents’ cost, it is practical to DIY them, only if you will reuse them. Otherwise, you can look for rentals or the cost will be very high. Anyway, if you have a unique idea about how your party tent must look, DIY it! The material’s length depends on how large of a tend you need. You can simply make a tent using high posts or PVC pipes and long lace or setting fabric. Maybe you will need to set up more than one tent to cover the party area. The outdoor parties on sunny days require many shadows, and you need to use thick canopy tents for less heat. Indoor tents (mostly used for sleepovers) make the parties festive and eye-catching, allowing you to use fine materials like lace.

DIY party tent 

DIY party invitations

A party without an invitation? No way! You are planning everything on your own DIY party, and invitation cards are a major part of it. Creating invitation cards is one of the all-time interesting tasks. You can either browse designs online to have some ideas or completely imagine your own invitation. Just make sure to include the following details in your invitation to make the party clean and decent.

  • Party purpose/ Theme
  • Host of the party
  • Who are the invitees
  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Food and Beverages
  • RSVP Instructions
  • Any other pertinent information

And then design the most eye-catching invitation in a way that one cannot help attending the party. Use the following simple steps when you create it.

  1. Choose the design you want. Consider the theme of the event before you choose the design.
  2. Pick the size of the invitation. The standard invitation size is 5″ × 7.”
  3. Write the massage clearly, including the given information above.
  4. Incorporate photos
  5. Print the invitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DIY party?

As mentioned above, a DIY party is a party with handmade decorations and everything. Although the purpose of throwing a DIY party looks like limiting the cost, it can differ occasionally. If someone thinks of a unique party that he/she has not seen anywhere else, planning a DIY party is perfect. These parties allow hosts to add extra creativity into his/her party, staying away from common party ideas.

How to make birthday party at home?

A birthday is an essential celebration. From the very little kids who barely understand anything, everyone, to senior adults, loves birthday parties. As there are few family members, you will need to arrange few birthday parties annually. Costing a lot of money over each party is unnecessary as you can DIY a party! So, stop worrying about “how can I decorate cheap party” for a birthday and start searching for some fresh ideas!

Paper pinwheels for birthdays.

Choose some colored scrap paper that suits your theme and create these easy-cheesy pinwheels! Dress up the cake’s spot, tables, and gift area with these whimsical accents.

Rainbow Water Birthday Decoration ideas

Create a pleasing scene on the tables with just water, food coloring, and fresh flora. This adds extra beauty in an unsuspecting way, and your guests will adore it!

Embellished Party Hats

Create the party hats as nice as you can and let each guest have one of their favorite hats. This will thrill up the mindset of every single guest.

Confetti Glasses as Birthday Decorations

These are mostly suitable for a girl’s birthday. The confetti glasses create a gorgeous feminine ambiance and a soulful nature.

Ribbon chandeliers

Decorate your DIY birthday party with whimsy and wonder. Ribbon chandeliers are real easy to make and will be a beautiful and memorable addition to any birthday party.

Do you know what a birthday party should consist of?

There are some necessary items for a birthday party. Check whether you complete the following list. If everything is there, you are ready to throw a birthday party at your home.

  • A birthday cake
  • Entertainment rentals
  • Food and beverage party supplies
  • Birthday invitations
  • Balloons
  • Gift table, tables to dine and chairs
  • Party favors
  • Tablecloths, streamers, centerpieces
  • Less or a lot of decorations

If you plan to throw a DIY birthday party, simply gather all the entire article’s ideas. Pick your favorite ideas, make a theme and turn them into your dream party.

 If you want to celebrate an in-house birthday party on a budget, the following steps will guide you.
  • Keep the guest list limited.
  • Make your own birthday invitations.
  • Use simple paper decorations.
  • Check what type of decorations you have and pick a related theme.
  • Do not party at mealtime!
  • Make and decorate the birthday cake on your own.
  • Use the dollar store for party supplies.

So you planned the party to set on a budget and now start turning your DIY party ideas into reality.

How to make party popper without balloon?

Lately, almost all the parties go with party poppers. They are colorful, simple to make, exciting, and make a sweet mess that lasts a minute or two! In order to make a party popper without balloon, you will need the following items.

  • Fine crape paper
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Cracker snaps
  • Confetti
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive dots/ Glue tags
  • Scissors

Step 01: You can easily make your own confetti by cutting crepe paper into little pieces. Mix them with some store-bought confetti to add up the extra sparkle.

Step 02: Cut the toilet paper rolls in half. You have to keep these two halves as if the roll is still whole.

Step 03: Cut the crepe/tissue (the paper you use must be very thin and light) paper into 10″ × 7″ pieces. Place a cracker snap on the paper and tightly roll around the toilet paper roll.

Step 04: Trim the excess crepe paper around the roll and seal with adhesive dots. Tie one end with ribbon.

Step 05: Stuff confetti you made into the roll using the untied end, and after the roll is full, tie that end as well.

Step 06. Fan out the paper ends and trim the cracker snap’s edges.

You have finished making the confetti popper without a balloon! Now, once you pull the cracker apart forcefully, it will POP!


DIY parties are endlessly customizable and allow you to create whatever you like. These parties are hard to organize, requiring much time and commitment. However, it is interesting if you can throw exactly the party that you have imagined in your mind without a single change. You will renew your relationships with each other when planning to throw a DIY party. So find enough back up and spend time instead of money for a perfect DIY party.


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