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Various Types of Party Decorations Packed With Easy Tips & Tricks

Parties! The word itself is absolute fun. Parties are like medicine that make our individualistic lives to leave us for a while. We meet our good old friends, have some good food and drinks, and dance and sing a little. We cannot even imagine our lives without parties, at least once in a while. Well, but no party will work at all if there are no party decorations on it! Just think, do you even want to go to a party without decorations? I know, it is a big No, No!

Decorations are something that you must do at a party. At the same time, it is such a fun thing to do. So, if you are interested in party decorations, here is everything you need to know about them.

A party is generally a social gathering of invited companies, involved in eating, drinking, and entertainment. Therefore, party decorations are the creative decorations we do for a social community of guests for enjoyment.

There is a countless number of parties! Apart from classic parties like birthday parties or engagement parties. And there are new parties invented by modern society like theme parties.

Here we talk about all sorts of parties.

Party Decorations

Birthday Party decorations 

When we talk about parties, Birthday parties are the ones that come to our minds first. We have birthday parties to celebrate the birthday of our loved ones every year. Birthday parties are not something that you can skip when it comes to organizing. So here are some great tips to decorate your birthday party at the next level!

Emoji birthday party decorations

With the widespread usage of smartphones, emojis have been a part of our daily conversations. We use them as much as we use the language in virtual communication. Maybe even more!

Therefore, using them in birthday decorations is a very timely idea. It is bright yellow color can quickly put any party in a happy mood. There are so many emoji birthday party decorations that you can purchase from the market.

But you do not essentially have to spend all your money on them. You can easily make emoji decorations at home. All you need is basic stationery. Look at the following DIY ideas.

emoji Balloons

For this decoration, all you need is a bunch of yellow balloons and black plus red markers. You can also incorporate different colored balloons to make them more colorful. Look at the following simple yet complete decorations. Aren’t they cute?

Cups and plates

Disposable cups and plates are a vital part of any party. You can quickly turn these ordinary, boring cups and plates into emoji decorations. You can drink and eat in them. At the same time, they act as decoration.


You can either draw the emojis in them or cut the shapes from paper and paste them into them. If you are okay to spending a little money, purchase some stickers to paste on them.

Not only the disposable cups, but glass cups or jars can help the same way when it comes to decorations.


Have you ever been to a party without a cake? And out of all those cakes, emoji birthday cakes are the best. The bubbly emojis can set the mood of the party without any other decoration at all. All you need your typical cake and a lot of yellow icing on it. There is an emoji for everything. So, you can select what matches your birthday person’s personality the most.

Look at the following cakes to get an idea. Then make your own version of an Emoji cake.

But you do not necessarily have to use the bubbly yellow emojis all the time. Try uncommon emojis specially when your birthday person is a unique character.

I know this sounds weird, but Poop Emoji is such a hype in birthday cakes. Not bad of an idea for your savage friend’s birthday

When it comes to cakes, cup cakes play a main roll in birthday parties. You can easily incorporate emojis into your cupcake toping. Your favorite smileys and the iconic poo emoji are the best choices.


There is nothing fun than eating a funny emoji. You can decorate all your food according to emoji theme. Cookies and biscuits are the best to bring this theme on. You also can decorate the food containers with emojis.

Wall décor

Cut cardboards and paste yellow paper on them to make wall decorations. You can make a whole collection of emojis or few that will make your birthday person the happiest.

Apart from all these, you can literally turn anything into emoji decorations. Garden emojis with wood or cardboard, Box emojis with used boxes, tin emojis using old tins, lamp covers with paper! You can just turn anything around you into an emoji decoration.

Remember to use above decorations all or few integrated. Then your party will be literally “Lit” …

Unicorn birthday party decorations

No one has ever seen an actual unicorn, but who cares! The creature is an essential element when it comes to birthday parties for kids and girls. This is the perfect theme for your kid or the girl you consider a prince or a princess. The unicorn theme especially combines with rainbow colors. So, you do not necessarily have to have unicorns everywhere like emojis. The theme should be of rainbow colors, mostly pink, purple, and blue. Also, do not make the colors too bright or contrast. The best way is to use pastel colors.

There are so many decorations already available in the market, as this theme is trendy. But DIY is the best!


Here also balloons play a considerable role. Take balloons of rainbow colors and make sure to incorporate them with colored paper flowers. Kids and girls love both balloons and flowers!

Do not forget to mix unicorn face and horn in these decorations too.

The unicorn represents heavenliness. Therefore, always use soft colors, mostly white, on the unicorn’s face.

Wall decorations

Flowers from the primary unicorn theme colors made with paper is the most essential wall decor. Use white shiny silk or satin to decorate the walls and add balloons plus unicorn face onto it. If you do not have silk or satin, you also can use long paper stripes instead of cloth. Fairy lights never disappoint! So, do not forget to add some fairy lights to the white background.

Cakes and Food

Food, including the cakes, are a delicious way to decorate unicorn birthday parties. Make sure the food you choose are of pink, purple, or blue. Multicolor marshmallows and smarties are essentials. When baking the cake, use a few colorings for the cake. Use primary unicorn theme colors for the icing, and finally sprinkle a few rainbow sprinkles on the top! You are all set. Also, half dip your food like cookies, biscuits, and strawberries in the cream and then in rainbow sprinklers. Adding multi colors to your popcorn is a smart and cheap move.

Not only the food but also the mere food containers can contribute to the decoration. You can use reusable cups, plates and other food holders decorated with colored paper and stickers. What is a must are the gorgeous unicorn eyes!

Another great idea is to make birthday party caps with unicorn horns. This is probably the best and the most comfortable decoration you can make.

You can add Unicorn theme cardboard name-boards, table settings with unicorn colored material, unicorn-themed cards, and gifts too.

First birthday party decorations

A kid’s first birthday is one of the most memorable events in parents’ lives. Here are some decoration ideas to make that day even more adorable. You should understand that the kid is only one year old and has no idea about expensive gifts. What he/she would notice is the colors, fun, people, and FOOD! Therefore, do not try to spend too much on expensive stuff. Instead, make it more colorful and happening.

The best way is to make decorations related to your kid’s favorite cartoon characters. Take some cardboard and cut big shapes of the cartoon characters and paste relevant colored papers. Bend the shapes and add layers to make them 3D. You can also add several balloons of different colors. This time do not tie them to the walls. Just keep the balloons freely on the floor so that the kids can play with them.

Kids love to play, especially when they get together with other kids. So, make sure your decorations help them have a good time playing. It is also great to make the decorations in their favorite color.

The one thing you should not miss is the colorfully decorated food! Kids love parties only because of food and playtime. You do not have to care much about the signature tastes of food. They only need to be sweet and colorful. Kids will be thrilled. Following are few such examples you can add to your kids’ first birthday party.

Christmas Party Decorations

Christmas is one of the functions celebrated by a huge population all around the world. It is such a fun time, and parties are our absolute favorite part about Christmas. Christmas party decoration ideas come in all shapes and colors. But red, green, and white are the signature colors of Christmas. So, make sure you include these colors in your decorations.

Office Christmas party decorations

Offices become a party place in the Christmas season. Most offices never miss decorating their workspace for Christmas. But these decors should fit into the office space and should not disturb the daily office work either. You can use lots of decorations hanging from the roof above the head level. This decor does not disturb your office work. Plus, they add overall decor to the office space.

Simply decorating cubicles is also a cool idea. You also can hang decors on the glass walls and add light to give a glamorous look.

As the offices have a lot of open space, it must have a relatively more enormous X-mas tree. You can collect dozens of toilet paper rolls you throw away to make it. A wooden stripe X-mas tree is also not a bad idea.

If spending money is not your plan for Christmas, check out the following cheap Christmas party decorations.

X-mas tree

X-mas tree is the icon of Christmas. It will be great to have a Cyprus tree, but it is not something we can always afford. But do not worry! DIY, cheap party decorations will still save you! There are so many ways to make a fantastic X-mas tree, just with paper and a pair of scissors. First, decide what the size of the tree you need and choose the decoration you like from the following ideas is. You can just paste paper on the wall or cardboard to make a 2D X-mas tree. Or you can make it 3D by using folded paper.

Do you believe if I say you can make a tree with mere balloons? Yes, you can. What you have to do is make a 4-balloon base and paste it to a paper plate. Then bind the other balloons with a thread to build the shape.   But make sure you use thick balloons that will not burst easily.

X-mas trees are no the only decoration you can do with balloons. You can tie four balloons together to make gift decorations. Also you can make snowmen, ginger breadmen, entry arches and wreaths.

When you plan an elegant Christmas party, you can still use cheaper balloons if you are creative enough.

X-mas tree

Combine them with lights and proper fabric for an elegant look. Make sure you choose the correct colors.

There are so many DIY decorations that you can do with fabric. Santa’s hats and socs are great decoration ideas that you can easily make at home. You only have to use some creativity and knitting. You can hang on the wall, fire burner, Christmas tree, or on the table setting.

There are some other ways to use fabrics too. for wreaths, wall decors and Christmas trees too.

Do not forget to add natural decors that are free and readily available. Natural ingedients increases the beauty and aesthetic value of your decorations. Pine corns, Cyprus leaves, dried branches, and wines are some examples. You can turn them into wall decors, wreaths, X-mas tree decors, table, or fireplace decorations.

Engagement party decorations

Engagement is the second most crucial function in anyone’s life after the wedding. Of course, engagement parties always have to be simple, classy, and elegant. A lot of white with shiny lights is the best theme. If you are planning an engagement party, your decorations depend on the place and the time. If it is an indoor party, you can use lights both day and night. But if it is an outdoor one, lights will be useful only at night.

Use some creative engagement party decorations for a unique experience. Using a modern centerpiece is a very trendy idea. You can use a contemporary art piece and place it at the center of attention. Be creative when using the appropriate colors and spaces.

If you are using an outdoor space, you have a lot of creative things to do. Using natural trees and wrapping them with silk and fairy lights is a fantastic idea. You can even build a small arch instead of a tree.

If the engagement party outdoor, using eco-friendly materials will be a great idea. This may include sustainable cutleries, succulents as gifts, and decors made of reusable materials.

Do not forget to add some fun to the party with your decorations. Make a photo backdrop for the couple and the guests to take photos. Keep a unique guest book to add their thoughts and wishes to the lovely couple.

There are also several ideas to make engagement party decorations cheap. You do not always have to buy expensive decors; instead, you can use DIY engagement party decorations.

You can create an excellent middle piece at a low cost. First, make the frame with wood or fabric, then add beautiful photographs and fairy lights. You can also add food to the setting. Using vintage colors to the environment will make it look rich. Again, Do not miss the love balloons.

If your party is an outdoor one, do not hesitate to add candle lanterns. Believe me, they take your party to whole new level.

Bachelorette party decorations

This is a party held for a girl who is going to get married. This will probably be her last party as a bachelor. So, it would be the best if you made it as happening as possible through your decorations. Do not worry; We have a bunch of bachelorette party decorations ideas for you.

Classy bachelorette party decorations usually come in colors like rose gold and nude pink. By using these colored balloons, shiny crape, and fabric, you can get a classy look. Adding a “Bride” and a ring balloon is a must. Also, do not forget the sash! After incorporating delicious food and champagne, your Cute & Classy Bachelorette Party is all set.

What is the use of a bachelorette party without selfies? Set up a bachelorette party backdrop as well as selfie props to take photos with.

No bachelorette party is complete without bachelorette party games

There are enough classy games that you can play at a bachelorette party. Mr. and Mrs. Quiz is a famous one. Put together a list of questions about the happy couple. Where was their very first date? What is her favorite color? What was his favorite sport at school? Etc.

Then see if they are the right match! You also should try the Toilet Paper Dress! Split yourselves into teams and style the best wedding dress using only toilet paper! Let the bride decide who has made the most fabulous dress. Bridal Bingo, Pass the Parcel, Guess the Hen, In the Bag are few other games you can play.

Graduation party decorations

Graduation parties are widespread among students. College graduation parties are the most significant party among them. We are here to help you with college graduation party decorations.

Graduation party decorations may be for one dear person of yours as well as for a whole grade. When the party is for an entire grade, you need a name board mentioning the grade. This can be printed and pasted in styrofoam or rigid cardboard. Place the setting near the entrance to the party. You can even do this decoration with mere paper plates. See below!

You also can add photoes of all the students in the grade as a chain.

Prepare a party backdrop for the class to get together and take photos for the one last time.

Another cool idea is to decorate the food with graduation hats.

If you are here to see some ideas for graduation party decorations 2020, do not miss the 2020 balloon. The balloons you can add to the photo backdrop, wall decors, and welcome boards. Also, add 2020 into tiny decorations like straws, selfie props, flower vases, and food decors.

Halloween party decorations

No one would argue if we say Halloween is the most entertaining decorations to do. As we celebrate it every year, DIY decorations are the best way.

You can use DIY hacks for the best cheap Halloween party decorations.

Balloon ghosts is an easy and fun decoration you can do only with white balloons and black markers. Adding some torn up tissue papers can enhance the ghostly look further. The look can be made more decorative by adding few yellow balloons as well.

You can also use white clothes to create ghosts. If it is possible to add few lights inside, your decoration is perfection.

Making mummies using glass jars and tall posts can be done by wrapping white paper or tape around them. Add two big eyes after the tapes.

You can turn your doors and windows into Halloween decorations too. All you need is black paper, scissors, and glue.

If you want your party to be creepier, add few human head jars! All you must do is take a photo with a human head, put it in a jar of liquid.

Halloween is not Halloween without the pumpkins! It will be great if you have big, real pumpkins. But if you do not, simply take oranges or balloons and draw the monster faces. Cute tiny Pumpkins! You can fill candies in the balloons as well.

You can do the same with paper and paper plates.

Cut long chains of Halloween themed shapes to decorate the rooms. Add monster or bat tubes made with paper as well. Do not forget to add a lot of bats and spiders to the walls of the house. Your cups and plates also an excellent way to do Halloween decors. Cut monster eyes and mouths with black paper and paste on your cups and plates.

These decorations also can be used as kids Halloween party decorations. They are cheap and easy to make, and these decorations do not scare the kids away.

When it comes to the adult Halloween party decorations, the themes can be a little intense. You can use red paint or sauce like blood and realistic bones for decorations.

Food plays a main part in adults’ Halloween decors.

You can use your candy in the shape of eyeballs, wine as blood, and meat, as you know, the meat itself!

Fill water with rubber gloves and make some ice hands. These can be placed in red drinks to create a real horror. You can also splash red-colored sweetener on popcorn and carve sausages into fingers.

If your party is to be held outdoor, there are crazy outdoor Halloween party decorations you can use. 

One cool idea is to make a ghost in the garden or on the swing. Take a pumpkin, pieces from gunny bags, straw, and a torn-up cloth. The only hard part is to create a head into shape.

If you make giant spiders using Styrofoam, you can place them on the external walls of your house. You can also make a gang of ghosts just by mere white clothes, balloons, and few sticks. If you enough trees outside, hanging pumpkin lanterns made of orange color paper gives a nice view.

Halloween party decorations

Retirement party decorations

Retirement parties are for relatively older people. So, these parties should be classy and calm. Elegant retirement party decorations are not hard to make. You will always need a board thanking the retiring person displayed at the entrance. The board should include his/her name, designation, service, and date of retirement.

Make sure you have a table centerpiece mostly with cake, drinks, and an art piece.

Keep a guest book to add fellow workers’ thoughts and wishes. Add things related to his/her work life into the decorations as well.

The setting can be a little different when it comes to military retirement party decorations. The best theme is to use camouflage. Cutleries, wall decors, and boards can be camouflage themed. The middle piece now can be an army boot instead of an art piece. Decorations can be mostly in the shapes of stars and medals. And your cake can be a military tank!

Nurse retirement party decorations also alter a little from common retirement parties. This will take a medical theme. The name boards are in white and the letters in red. You can use funny, still respectful quotes. You can use balloons with the red cross and cakes and cookies with the shape of hearts with ECG beat.

Teacher retirement party decorations are one of the most common types of decorations you would have to do. These parties should be elegant and loving. You can make boards with the teacher’s favorite quotes he/she used to say. Using books and flowers as the theme will be the best. Keep a signing book so that students and fellow teachers can write their wishes.

Party decorations for adults

When it comes to older citizens, they do not seek adventure at parties. These parties should be calm and warm. Also, it should be full of love. The best color themes will be black, white, brown, and vintage colors.

It is better to hold these parties mostly indoors, especially if the party is a night event. You can have many warm food and drinks at these parties with classy decorations, nothing too flashy.

Birthday decorations for adults ideas are also should be similar to the above theme. Adults would always love to see youngsters appreciating them. So, add photographs of their young ages and their adventures. They would love to talk about them. Use several balloons that represent their age. Number candles are the best cake option as you cannot place sixty or seventy candles on a cake. Cut the age in cardboard and fill it with the elders’ photographs full of memories.

Also use all sorts of balloons in different ways. Make handmade cards and decors to show your love and affection to the elders.

adults Party decorations

Game of Thrones party decorations 

Game of Thrones was not just a tv show but was a global sensation. This resulted in people celebrating the game of thrones birthday parties as well. If you are a huge GOT fan, here are some ideas for a royal party!

The royal chair of GOT is something that we cannot miss at a game of thrones party. You can recreate the chair in parties like baby showers. Also, you can make your snacks in this shape, especially your cupcake topping.

Other iconic items are the dragon eggs, wine grailes, shields, knight statues and symbols of different armies.

An easy and cool idea is to keep several wine bottles with candles covered in wax. You can take photos of GOT characters and insert them in jars to recreate the famous GOT poster. Do not forget to add a few famous GOT quotes into your decorations.

Tea party decorations

Tea parties are now becoming a new trend globally. But it was a tradition practiced by most countries for centuries. The difference is, now is the time they have begun to trend. Tea parties are one of the classiest parties you can ever go to. They are not too happening or bubbly but calm and relaxing. They provide you the space to connect with other people.

Color themes will be mostly pink, white, gold, silver, and a few pastel colors like blue and green. Tea parties are all about flora! Your decorations should always go with floral designs. The cups, plates, jars, trays all should have floral arrangements as much as possible. You also need to add a lot of natural flowers into the decorations as well. Pearls are another component of a tea party. You do not have to use real pears instead of chains of white beads that look like pearls.

In tea parties, you do not use standard trays and paper plates. It is a big NO-NO!. Paste floral design papers on your disposable cups and plates. If you do not have glass trays with few layers, do not worry. Take few porcelain plates and place them on cups to convert them into trays.

It would be best if you had different colored and different flavored teas and snacks for a team party. You can use regular black or green tea. But it will be great to add something new like chamomile, lime, cinnamon, or earls’ grey teas.

Wines of paper teacups can add color to your party. You can make a table runner using different sizes and shapes of paper doilies. Add scented wax into teacups to make scented candles to give your party a fragrance.

Rose gold party decorations

Rose gold is probably the most preferred color among women in today’s society. From birthdays to engagements to weddings, this color is such hype.

Rose gold decorations always give a royal and princess vibe to a party. Adding rose gold fairy lights into any background can turn the stage into rose gold without many expenses.

If you have no intention to spend much money on rose gold items, just but few rose gold sprays. They can turn anything to the correct shade.

Balloon decors take a special place when it comes to rose gold. The effect is royal! Sprinkling rose gold dust on the decors can add an extra rich look…

If you cannot afford to have a full rose gold tablecloth in table decorations, just lay a long stripe on a white cloth. It does not look any less luxurious.

90s party decorations

90s parties come in neon, punk, rock as well as bubbly themes. What is more important if you are having a 90sparty is to represent the decade’s iconic items.

The color schemes that must include in a 90s party are bright neon; Yellow, pink, blue, and green, to be more specific. Decorations should represent these colors and glowy the better.

You can also make cool props to represent the things that were familiar to us at our young age.

As cassettes played a major role in 90s. You can make decorations with them. Why not the cassette recorder and the disco balls!

Create a ’90s banner with your favorite catch phrases, band and tv shows. This will be great for few clicks.

Make a backdrop with old CDs and DVDs. Add colorful and flashy candy to the food menu.

Harry potter party decorations

What can be more magical than a party with Harry Potter decorations? There are hundreds of creative decorations you can do. Let us start with the letter. You can hang several letters with a similar logo to Hogwarts with tiny strings near the fireplace. You can use the same method to make floating candles made of paper.

Decorate the party according to Hogwarts’ four houses and make a talking hat to split guests into different tables. This way you can play games with four teams.

Take a large board, paste white paper on it, and mark bricks using a sponge. This is now a wall and can make Diagon Alley or the railway platform 9 3/4.

Make a photo-backdrop according to the moving pictures in newspapers. Guests can take not only the photos but also shorts videos, Slomos, or GIFs. Do not forget to add props of the same theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the color for 2022? 

Ultimate Gray

[a combination of dull, familiar gray]

What is the color for each month?

Month Colors
January Dark Red
February Purple
March Light Blue
April White
May Green
June Light Purple
July Red
August Light Green
September Dark Blue
October Pink
November Yellow
December Blue

How to decorate a party on a budget?

  • Use low-cost fabric materials.
  • Use templates instead of expensive and hand-drawn calligraphy.
  • Throw some fairy lights on your space.
  • Use DIY your flowers and decors.
  • Get creative with lanterns, balloons, and bunting.

cheap party decorations ideas

  • Balloons
  • Banners.
  • Centerpieces.
  • Confetti.
  • Party Blowers.
  • Party Hats.
  • Streamers.
  • Wall Decorations/Cutouts.

What are party essentials?

  • A lot of Napkins & hand-wipes.
  • Party food boxes, party plates and cutlery.
  • Serving platters, trays and cupcake stands for displaying buffet.
  • Jugs, cups & straws
  • Cocktail sticks or food skewers for kebabs.
  • Birthday candles & matches.
  • Cake plate & knife

What are the types of decorations?

  • DIYs
  • Balloons
  • Candles
  • Colorful lanterns
  • Drapes
  • Rangoli
  • Flowers
  • Contemporary style

What is the importance of decorations?

Decorations at an event are vital for setting the mood, humor, emotion and representing the importance of the event. A good decoration highlights the purpose of the event and the class of the guests.


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