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How to plan a PERFECT Party successfully? – Ultimate party planning checklist 2022

People love to plan parties for special occasions in their lives. Party time often makes us feel really happy & special with our loved ones. Therefore party planners always try to organize a lifetime memorable party for others with their creative and new ideas. For this purpose, party planning guides & party planning templates can be useful to follow especially for the party planning organizers. This is the right article for you to read if you dream to organize a successful party. Even if you do not have any previous party planning experiences you can still organize a successful, memorable party.

party planningWhy is it important to know how to plan a party?

Organizing a party is all about having fun with your loved ones. You will need some event planning skills to organize these parties well. Therefore when organizing a party, it might be very useful to follow a party planning template. It will help you to plan the party successfully without missing important items and activities during the party.

Types of parties in the United States of America (USA)

Birthday parties

People living in the USA often plan parties and family gatherings to celebrate birthdays of their children & adults. Although most of these customs are similar, every family have their special plans to celebrate these happy occasions. USA kids also love to celebrate their birthday parties with their friends & families in a special way. They prefer to organize parties according to a certain themed-based party.

Halloween parties

Halloween is another occasion where Americans consider it a very special party occasion for them. Haunted houses, street parties, Halloween costumes are the most important items we can observe in American Halloween parties.  Carving pumpkins, wearing Halloween costumes, watching horror movies, and telling scary stories can be noticed during this Halloween season. During this season children love to wear fancy dress costumes and visit their neighbourhood to collect sweets or small gifts. Therefore it is important to have a basic idea on these practices of USA people to organize a successful Halloween party.

Other parties

Wedding parties also take a special place among the party occasions of people in the USA. As a wedding party organizer, you should have some knowledge about the common traditions in an American wedding ceremony. A bridal shower is a special party that they organize a few weeks before the wedding date. In a bridal shower, friends & family members of the bride present her with gifts. Best men organize a bachelor’s party for the groom shortly before the wedding ceremony. As a party planning organizer, you should have a basic understanding of these common modern practices of USA people.

Other than these main parties, a variety of parties can be seen within American culture. Some of these parties are mentioned below.

  • Tea parties
  • Garden parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Get well soon parties
  • Baby shower parties
  • Farewell parties
  • Cocktail parties and many more parties etc.

From organizing these parties people wish to share their happiness and lovely memories with each other.

Important tips you should know to plan a party

When organizing a party, it is very important to identify the purpose of the party. If you know why and to whom you are planning the party it makes it easy to organize the party. The host is the main person who organizes everything on the party occasion. Some people also get together and create a party planning committee to make the event a successful one. As the party planning committee includes significant fresh ideas of many people it helps to organize party work effectively. Although if you don’t have experiences with party planning, it is important to follow these basic tips before planning the party.

Birthday party checklist

Decision-making process

As the first step of your party planning, you have to create your birthday party checklist. As we mentioned earlier, the decision-making process is the most important thing for a party planning organizer.

Identifying the purpose of your party is very important to organize a successful party. It gives you a basic idea of how to plan a party & to whom you have to organize the party. If you are a party planning organizer, as the second important step you should pay attention to selecting the right date & venue for your party. You should always try to select the most convenient date & place for your visitors.

Most of the visitors might not visit your party if they are not available on that date. Other than that, if the place is uncomfortable to visit they might not visit your party. Therefore planning the date & venue of the party can either make or break your party. The Decision-making process also helps you to decide on the most suitable outfit for the party. If you are planning to organize a themed party it will give the best ideas for a birthday outfit.

Making a guest list

Creating a guest list for the party is also important to make sure who visits your party. After making the guest list you can work on preparing and sending the invitation cards for the visitors.

Plan your menu & go shopping

You can easily plan your menu by choosing the food & drinks you wish to serve your guests. It is important to give your priority to buy non-perishable food items. Non-perishable foods do not require refrigeration and it takes longer to spoil than perishable foods.  Other than food items, you can buy decoration items such as banners, balloons, pictures as well as serving dishes etc;

Call & reserve the things you need for a party

If you wish to rent chairs or huts you must make sure to call and reserve those things by yourself. Birthday cake is a special item which makes the party a memorable one. If you plan to order the birthday cake don’t forget to give the order some weeks before the party.

Last-minute todos

If you are planning to serve perishable food items for your guests you can buy them at this moment. You can also make sure to pick up the cake/ desserts you have ordered at this time. Meanwhile, you must not forget to pay attention to decorating the party place. Finally, you can blow the balloons and hang colorful decorations before the guests visit the place.

These are some main tips you should know if you wish to be the host of a party. But if you are a new party planner, no need to worry at all. You can easily get access to the party planning apps and do your best to plan the best party ever.

Birthday parties

Wedding planning checklist

Almost all wedding couples dream to have a memorable wedding party function to share their biggest day with loved ones. Therefore as a wedding party organizer, it is your responsibility to make it a memorable day for them. People often plan their wedding day at least one year before the fixed wedding date. As the wedding planner, you need to have these kinds of wedding planning checklists with you. Nowadays most of the wedding couples have their own wedding planning timelines. Accordingly, wedding planning checklists include various tips to make their day more special for them.

12 months before

  1. Fixing the wedding date and reserve the venue
  2. Shopping for the wedding day
  3. Book main vendors such as videographer, photographer, florist & catering service and others
  4. Discuss wedding party theme with the couple

6 or 8 months before the wedding

  1. Ordering the cake
  2. Purchase wedding rings
  3. Settle on the budget
  4. Appointments with hair and makeup artist
  5. Booking wedding night accommodation etc;

At least 3 months before the wedding

  1. Work with the florist
  2. Make arrangements for rent items
  3. Sending wedding cards to the guests
  4. Finalize with the catering & ordering menu cards
  5. Finalize with the hotel/ restaurant

Wedding couples might have different own timeline checklists with them. As a wedding planning organizer, it is important for you to have a basic idea of these wedding planning facts. As a wedding planner’s responsibility does not limit to the wedding day itself they need to work harder. Then only the wedding couple and guests will be able to experience a successful wedding ceremony.

Wedding planning

What are the necessary things for a wedding party shopping list

Wedding ceremony planning is a completely different experience for party planners than planning other parties. Therefore party shopping lists take an important place throughout the party planning procedure. Wedding couples have an ultimate party shopping list to buy to get ready for their special day. Both bride & groom give their priority to select Bridal attire, hair accessories, wedding jewellery etc; in their wedding party shopping list. Brides pay much more attention to every little thing they wear on their wedding day.

Therefore it is important to include necessary things to their shopping list according to the preference of the wedding couple.

Event planning checklist

People living in America often organize different events to celebrate their happy occasions. If you are a new event planner in the USA no need to worry. We are here to guide you step by step to help you to plan a successful event party.

You need to know several important tips that are followed by most event planners in the USA.

  1. Select your event date, venue, time

When selecting the date for the event, it is important to choose a date that does not conflict with the public holidays. Also, it is important to check for other events which have been organized on the same date in your area.

to-do lists

2. Start a budget

You can make an estimated budget for the event including venue fees, catering, decoration fees etc;

3. Brainstorm the theme of the event

As the event organizer, you can program your event according to a certain theme. It will help you to decorate the venue according to your theme.

4. Create a free party planning checklist

A free party planning checklist allows you to make your event a successful event. Most of the event planners include some important information for their party planning checklist. Event details, invitations, activities, food menu, decorations, and suppliers can be included in your party planning checklist.

Why are event planning apps useful?

Event planners often seek the help of event planning apps as it simplifies their work. Event planning apps are considered the most convenient tool used by many event planning organizers. It helps the event planner to manage the list without missing any important things while organizing the event. Most of the event planning apps provide the feature to set reminders which helps the event organizer to plan the event successfully. Therefore in this article, we are providing some key information about 10 effective event planning apps. These apps are some commonly used apps that would help you to organize your event as a beginner.

Best 10 event planning apps 2021

  1. Double Dutch app

Double Dutch app is a useful application that was designed to help event planners. This app provides important facilities like creating polls, being in touch with others while you are planning the event, etc; Users can share their information easily through this app. They can scan the QR code of the visitors using visitors’ badges to ensure the security & reliability of the app. Double Dutch app gives access to the users as both mobile and web apps. Event hosts can set up everything that they need and easily monitor the success of their event planning process. Double Dutch application was introduced in 2021 which is the reason we could not find any reviews on that.

We invite you to use the app and be the first to review it.

2. Conrego

Conrego is recognized as one of the most commonly used apps among event planning organizers. It offers some important event management features such as SMS alerts, reviews, and event websites to the users. User reviews of Conrego app showed that it is a popular app among users as it got 32 ratings as excellent. Out of the all reviews rated, 100% were positive reviews and these participants have recommended this app to their colleagues. Conrego was identified as one of the best event planning apps used in 2020. But as the event planning organizer, it is up to you to choose the most suitable app to plan your event.

3. Conference compass

Conference compass is another application that provides a quality user experience for the users. It provides you with the facility to translate complex event program documents and make your event planning a successful one. This application is identified as a very popular app among event organizers and event marketers. It provides users with some special features such as organizing conferences, surveys, and feedback, budgeting, sponsorship management, organizing event parties. As the conference compass 2021 app was newly introduced this year, no one has rated or given their reviews about the app yet. So you can use the app and be the first one who reviewed the app.

4. Meeting play

Meeting play is another popular app among event planning organizers. Basically, this is a mobile application that is specially developed to support event organizers to plan their meetings. The Meeting Play app provides the facility to organize successful meetings.

Using this app, you can build meaningful connections with your attendees before the event during, and also after the event. When paying attention to these app reviews, almost many people have reviewed this app as one of the best event apps. Most of the raters have rated the app with 5 stars which means it’s a very user-friendly app. Meeting play is a very popular application to use among event planning organizers.

5. Planning pod

Planning pod is also recognized as a popular event planning application used by event planners. It provides the platform to organize and manage complex event tasks for app users. Event planning organizers often experience difficulties as they have to use mail sharing and spreadsheets to manage their events. This application has developed the feature to work on all these activities from an all-in-one platform.

6. Eventbrite organizer

Eventbrite Organizer is a very useful application that can be used to create and edit events in your event planning. When considering the Eventbrite 2021 version, it supports you to organize and sell tickets for the events online. The user-friendly platform of Eventbrite allows the users to get access online or using mobile apps. It is also supported in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish languages to make it easy for the users.

7. Best all-in-one party planner ( pro party planner )

This is recommended as a very popular app to use if you are an event or a party planner. This app provides you with the facility to set reminders and manage a guest list by sending invitations for them. Other than that, this app also helps the users to set their budgets accurately. And also for the convenience of the user, they allow the users to create their shopping list. Many users have given their feedback as this app includes a very simple procedure than other event planning apps.

8. Whova 

Whova is a very popular application among event planners to make their event looks like a modern one. It can present as an all-in-one event management solution for the most common problems of event organizers. Whova has won the ‘Oscar’ of event technology from 2016 to 2019 four years in a row. This application helps the users to organize their conferences, business meetings, trade shows as well as their community gatherings. Most of the reviewers have given their feedback as this app is time-saving and it is a powerful app in event marketing.

9. Socio Event App

This application allows users to get access to information about event planning easily. As the user, you will be able to create an attendee list, agenda of the event using this app. The Socio Event App is specifically developed for event planning. This application also supports the users in many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, etc.

10. Event-Mobi app

Event-Mobi app is an award-winning event app used by more than 10,000 event planners within 72 countries. This app creates a comfortable space for users as it allows you to create new event experiences for your teammates.  96% of the users have given positive reviews on this app and all users have recommended this app to others. The most interesting fact we found about this app was no one rated this app with a one star.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to throw a successful party?

The first thing you need to do is not to stress yourself too much about the party. You can create a party planning template for yourself and work according to the template.

As we mentioned in our article, you can get the help of a party planning committee to organize the party. But if you do not have previous experiences & you are the host, then you can use party-planning apps.

How to host a party?

If you are the host of the party it is important to create your budget for the party. Then you can calculate the number of invitees and make important decisions regarding menu, place, time, etc; The most important thing you need to keep in your mind is not to stress yourself out at the party. Remember that you also have to enjoy the party time not only the guests.

What is the cheapest food to serve at a party?

There is no single cheap food item to serve at a party. If you are looking to serve food items that match your budget here are some useful tips. These are some food items you can serve at a low budget.

  • Vegetables & dip
  • Baked potatoes
  • Biscuits
  • Sandwiches
  • Soup

What is themed party?

A themed party is a party where all the decorations, party costumes, food items are matched according to one theme. These themes can vary depending on the group of visitors you wish to invite to the party.

When discussing the most popular party themes various party themes can be identified within USA people. Disco party theme, Pajama party theme, Royal ball theme party, Karaoke Night, and Time travelers ball are some of the most popular party themes in the USA.

What should you do before a party?

Before the party, you should get some rest as it is important to have the energy to be sociable at the party. If you are too tired you might miss the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the party.  As a visitor to the party, you must make sure to prepare any gifts you wish to present at the party. Other than that it is also important to decide about your party costume at least 3 days before the party. You can also listen to some relaxing music and make your mood before the party.

How to plan a party for 50 or 100?

To organize a small party, you have to set your budget first. Then you can decide the place, the time of your party & invite visitors. You can also set the mood of your visitors by serving delicious food items for them.

To calculate the required amount of food, it is important to select the right food item for the party. If you wish to invite fewer people you can plan to serve appetizers & finger foods for your guests.  You can estimate and calculate the required amount of food as at least 5- 7 appetizers per guest per hour.  Sometimes these estimations could be wrong as you have to plan all other party activities by yourself. That’s why you need to hire a party planner as their support would be highly valuable in such a stressful situation.

How do you calculate food for a party?

It is always good to overestimate the amount of food to serve as some visitors might bring more persons with them. One Pound Rule is the easiest way to calculate the amount of food. It mentions estimating that each adult guest will get one pound of food to eat at the party.

party food ideas

What are the 5cs of event management?

5cs of event management includes 5 important facts you should know to make your event a successful one.

  1. Concept- Your concept about the event
  2. Coordination- Coordinate your event with ideas such as themes, venue, decorations, etc;
  3. Control- Try to have alternatives for unavoidable situations (be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Ex: make sure to get ready with an alternative speaker if the speaker get absent)
  4. Culmination-  Being alert at all the time during the event
  5. Closeout- After the event, make sure to settle all the payments and give your feedback to teammates, sending thank you cards.


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