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Party Planning – All in one party planning checklist & guide for 2021 for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, engagements, bachelorette

Party Planning – A gathering, get-together of two or many people on celebrating a special occasion or incident in life, can describe as a party. Party is sometimes gathering people who have the same interest to engage in some activity of their interest. Nevertheless, a party will always be a celebration, special event, the turning point of or a new beginning of a loved one, family member, friend, or colleague.

A host or host invites the rest of the members to socialize, conversant, or commemorate. It usually supplements with foods, beverages, and other entertainment items such as music and dancing. I am sure you have thrown a party for your besties in your continuance. Therefore, you know how challenging it is to organize everything handy without getting your party messed.

This piece of note will help you to arrange your next party without any mistake, and your well-organized party planning will impress your invitees. 

Party planning

Party planning guide

To reduce the rush in the planned event date, it is always wiser to have a party planning guide. A guide should include A-Z details of the party or the event. Planning is the method of designing the activities, which lined up to make your event a success. In this process,

you need to have a clear idea of the party, the number of invitees, the budget, and party tables. Later on, you can add other additions and alternative plans. Nowadays, many party planners and event organizers offer you packages that meet your desires. However, it may cost you an additional charge. Therefore, let us categorize the most proper and budgeted ways while composing different kinds of parties.

Party planning committee

A party planning committee can consist of two or several members who organize the party. Having a committee is excellent as the committee can share the responsibilities. When you are planning an event, you might meet roadblocks on the way. However, if you are tactful, you can figure out a solution by discussing it with your partners.

Believe in yourself, and knowing your guests well will help you get them in the door of having a fabulous time. When working with your team, you must be inclusive. Here, you can accept others’ creative ideas and shape up your vision to the best, and uplift others who contribute. When the team members become inclusive, support new ideas, and care for their team, your potency and creativity eventually go up.

Therefore, picking the best company will help you make the event successful, and people who have the newest and creative ideas will always ease organizing the party. Besides, there is another crucial thing to keep in mind that is to maintain a master file. This file will include all the documents, root maps, details of the invitees, and the bills. It is relatively transparent among the committee members regarding the expenses. In the meantime, it may be useful to you, as you will not miss any of the pre-planned events during the busy party hours.

Party planning checklist

Having a party is not that obvious. There are plenty of things to keep in mind. If you postpone or keep items until the last minute, it is easy to forget about the previous miniature’s essentials. Therefore, having a printable party planning checklist, which shares with your committee members, will help you stay organized. First, you need to decide on the theme of the party.

Outwardly determining the theme, you are unable to plan your other events. Your theme will suit the kid’s party, adult party, celebration, or a seasonal party. The second most important thing is defining your budget. Finalizing your funds is the best way to stop you from overspending and stick you into the funds. The third significant thing is deciding the venue, the number of invitees, and setting the date.

When deciding the venue and the date, it should be a place where almost all the invitees are free to attend. Setting up the platform is up to the budget and the number of guests. If you are willing to invite many guests and your account is satisfactory, you can afford a friendly and clam surrounding which attracts your invitees.

The fourth most important thing is to send invitations. It is better if these invitations are always formal. Knowing the number of guests who accepted the invitation and willing to participate in the event will avoid your conflicts in planning other events. The next most important things are the menus, food and beverages, decorations, arrangements, gifts, music, dancing, and other accessories.

Birthday Party Planning checklist

A kid’s birthday celebration and adult birthday celebration will be different. First, we will look into the birthday party planning checklist of a kid. Here, selecting the theme is the most important thing. According to the baby’s or kid’s age and gender, the composition can vary. There are hundreds of party motifs for kids, and you can even create your own.

Most of the time, little girls select Disney princess themes, fantastic mermaid themes, Mickey and Minnie mouse themes, common bear themes. In contrast, boys prefer cartoon themes such as avengers, spider-man series, superman, minions, Elmo’s theme, unicorn theme, and barnyard themes.

A teenage girl’s desire can be a last from the bonfire birthday theme. The teen can enjoy a nighttime party with his/her friends, a carnival party theme organized in the back yard, and a Hawaiian birthday party theme to enjoy with cocktails with friends on a beach shore.

They will also enjoy having a karaoke birthday party where the young pal can dance and enjoy. A pool birthday party, glow-in-dark birthday party, and runaway themed birthday parties can be their desires. A teenager, who respects her/his freedom and friends’ companionship, will always rush into an outdoor birthday celebration.

Adult, mother, father, relative, or grandparent will always go for a classic theme such as a casino theme, James bond, Vegas night theme, and black and white themes. Therefore, selecting the best music must be at the top of your party planning checklist.

The second central element in the checklist should be your budget. Your expenditure and event organizing should meet your allocated budget. Selecting the venue, date, and preparing the guest list comes next. The platform should meet the preferences of the number of guests. The next part is sending the invitations.

It is virtuous to send the invitations before two to three weeks as the invitee then gets a chance to book the date. Then the organizer or the committee has to stock up the party accessories and accumulations. When it comes to the birthday party, the most important thing is to order a cake according to the theme or the birthday celebrity’s desire.

Birthday party planning

The menus and the party food comes next. If you throw a kid’s birthday party, the food items should be in a small amount that can fit for kid’s tummy. These foods should enrich with savory items and precious items according to everyone’s taste. The next central point is the birthday gift. The most awaited moment for the day’s personage and missing it will be an enormous mistake.

Three days before the party, you can pick the food items that can arrange previously. Besides, the day before the party or a few hours before, you should take the cake and gift wrapped in your hand. Lastly, you might check up the event venue for the decoration purpose and arrange the decorations according to the selected theme. Settling the balloons should be the last in your decoration list.

The birthday party planning checklist will be almost the same despite the gender and age. But, adults usually go to soft drinks and cocktails. Therefore, arranging the beverages according to your desires should also include in the list. You can administer the list among the party planning committee members through a soft copy, an app such as “keep, or through a to-do list.”  

Graduation party planning checklist

Graduation is the most splendid period of life, and it is, therefore, to celebrate. Let us see the party checklist for the graduation party. First, you should pick a date that works best for you. It is fair to pick a date according to your choice as most of your friends are spending free time due to the recent convocation. Selecting your guest list is the second important fact.

Maybe you have many friends to share the victory that includes friends, teachers, and lectures. The inviting card image should fit your recent graduation photo, which is worth keeping. The next important thing is to reserve party tents, catering companies, and other important events such as entertainment pieces.

It is wiser to assemble a food/ beverage list before three weeks to have enough time for groceries. When calculating the guest list, you can reserve the food/ beverages 75% in advance. Planning table decoration and party decoration should give a try during this time.

Two weeks before the graduation party, you can look into the music, and build a slide show presentation on singular moments, photos of your graduation. Preparing a signed book to share invitees love and congratulating wishes with you is the next most crucial thing.

You can arrange personalized gift bags and order cakes and desserts within one week before the celebration. Checking the weather situation and getting prepare is the other most important thing according to the venue you select. Finalizing the event and game list, which you hope to entertain the guests, comes next. For this, you have to make the equipment list and other most essential tools.

More tips…

The party organizers must clean and manicure the home yard two-three days before the party. Cleaning the residence is imperative if you plan to take the party to your place. Bringing the raw food item, fitting the most time-consuming food, and refrigerating them is most vital at this time.

Next, you can label the filters, liquor cans and get them ready with the name tags pasted. Establishing a table for a graduation gift and placing the table in the corner comes next. You may check your bathroom sanitation materials and buy them in advance.

Before two days, you have to organize the equipment, including glasses, plates, folk and spoons, and other essential things for dining. It is better if you can be free of all the works and welcome your guests warmly on the party day.


Graduation party planning


Bachelorette party planning checklist

Mostly, the maid of honor is planning the bachelorette party. Yet, her best bridesmaid is hosting the event for her. When planning a bachelorette party, it should be personalized according to the bride, as that is her party. The party can catalog in a spa, club, or any place according to the bride’s desire to be. Unlike other parties, this party should not over schedule. The fiancée and her besties must feel free to enjoy the party. It is good to have a backup plan for this kind of a party for the guests to chill on. Therefore, keeping your switchgear ready according to the situation is an essential fact.

You must keep your budget in hand and get ready according to the fund. Never underestimate your expenses when it comes to a bachelorette party. There can arise thousands of needs and events when planning this party.

Therefore, sticking to the budget is essential to shape your account. Photo tagging, sharing with the bride should be done according to her permission, as there can be her photos, which she does not like to share with the rest of the people. At the bachelorette party, the bride can share the heavy workload and party arrangements with her besties as they willingly help her.

After this initial planning, you should decide the party’s exact place and elect the best date where everyone can attend. Choosing the theme comes next. Ordering the decoration, selecting the outfits are on the music you choose.

Therefore you should plan that before a few weeks back as the invitees can choose and buy their costumes and makeup. According to each of your friends’ desires, organizing the gift bags is essential, as this will be the last gift you offer them as a bachelorette.

The next session is planning the beverages, activities, and food menus. Typically, the bachelorette party is outside your residence. Therefore, you may not need to worry about cleaning and food preparation. Instead, you should order and inform all the needs, including the foods, desserts, and other utensils for the event organizers/ management in the place you willing to throw the party.

If you are going to a faraway place, maybe abroad with your friends, you must book all the flights, tickets, hotels and travel for at least two months.

On the party date, everyone’s responsibility is to make the bachelorette happy, as she is the girl who is to groove on.

Engagement party planning checklist

In an engagement party, first, you have to select the host. Second, you have to decide the date, which is okay with both parties and their parents. Making the guest list comes next. While inviting the guests, you should mention whether you accept gifts or not; if no, you must include that as “No Gifts Please.” Selecting the venue is the next thing.

It would be best if you determined the forum according to your budget and travelling ease. Picking the theme is very important as the engagement decorations; bridal dress is according to the theme.

Before one month, you should send the invitations via a formal way of using emails. Planning the food and beverages menu comes next. Most of the hotels provide you with menus cards, which you can decide. Here, you can add or omit several food, beverages according to your desire and the crowd.

Thinking about the soundtrack and musical bands comes next, and you should book them beforehand. Selecting the photographer, makeup artists are at the top of the list of bookings.

If you share the rings and jewelry, getting them to prepare and set them aside in advance is vital. It is better to hire your best friend’s, relatives, or the closest person’s hand in taking care of these jewelry related things.

Engagement party planning

Christmas party planning checklist 

Christmas is the busiest time of the year. Therefore, party preparation should come beforehand. Selecting the date is somewhat tricky as most of your friends and family members are throwing parties for Christmas at the same time. After choosing the date, finalizing your budget is very important.

Selecting the venue comes next. Most of the time, Christmas celebrations are indoor and in the house. Therefore, after choosing the stage, you have to select the theme and type for the party. White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Candy Land are preferable themes for a Christmas party. Planning foods and beverages are essential next as this is the chilling season.

Booking entertainment such as fun events and activities can be most memorable. Also, offering gifts are always a good practice in this season, and getting ready with the facilities should also be on your list.

Block party planning checklist

Block party celebrations typically schedule in your home yard. Neighbors attend the festival as it is a gathering. Kids grab bats and balls and play on their own in the home yard while you chill out with your neighbors. At a block party, you should plan a suitable date together with your neighbors.

If you are planning to close the street, you must take permission from the relevant government authorities. You can then plan the different host activities and food stations according to their desire and willingness. Sending out the invitation, which includes the hosing/ apartment map and highlighting the families who participate, is always a good practice.

Holiday party planning checklist

In case you planned to throw a holiday party for your colleagues, you might decide the type of party you are planning. It can be casual or extravagant. After determining the party type, you have to choose the budget. Making the guest list, including family members, and setting the venue and the date comes next.

Select a caterer.  Again, this should soon ensure that the best available caterers have great ingredients and the appropriate staff to ensure your holiday party is a success. Setting the theme may be fun for this kind of holiday party as everyone is up to mood fixing. 

Planning the holiday menu comes next. Together with your caterer, you can plan the best menu. Together with this, you can have a look at the holiday bar. Scheduling a site visit will be vital as it allows everyone to be involved.

Creating an itinerary with the listed events and sharing it with the crowd will help them plan prizes, decorations and hire a photographer to capture the event’s most memorable snapshots.

Surprise party planning checklist

Likewise, the checklist for this party is the same for the other parties, according to the occasion. The only thing is you have to keep it a secret until the date arrives. Therefore, it is more difficult to plan this kind of party without leaking it.

The party planners have to arrange decorations and order the cakes when the main character’s absent. Besides, taking him/her to the party at once may be a real surprise.

Party planning ideas

Compared to previous centuries, the party planning ideas have modernized now. There are many themes and event organizing companies to help you out to have a memorable experience. You can even browse the internet to update yourself with modern and capable party planning ideas. “Pinterest” is one platform where you get thousands of impressions for planning your select dates.

Party planning templates

Planning sessions will always start with a brainstorming session, as you need to free up your mind and allocate all the resources. First, you need to know the purpose of the event and plan the event accordingly.

Then planning the venue, several guests, time, and types of the party come in the line. To get all these planning in hand, you can use either manual documents or virtual documents. In the 21st century, using mobile apps became handier. Therefore, you can make your planning template into sessions such as a to-do list, a to-buy list, and other essentials according to the timeline.  

Party planning tips

There are few tips where you can make an unforgettable party for the invitees. Favoring your guests is the top and foremost factor. Although it is your party, you have a responsibility to make your invitees love the party. “Cocktail shakers, wine stoppers, personalized gifts, funny activities” are a few of the items that you can try out. Sticking to your budget and keeping extra money in your hand will help you face any discomfort that can occur.

When deciding the invitee list, you should prioritize the most wanted guests first and check their availability. It is better to know their availability in advance. And it is wiser to pay up to 75% of invitees for the caterer where you can pay the additional charge later. 

Party planning websites

There are hundreds of part planning websites where you can get assistance. “Alaska Professional Entertainment, Chappelow Events, Twenty Three Layers, Eventique, Little Miss Party Planner, The W plan ABC Event Planning, Love by Lynzie, Some Like It Classic and Themers are a few of the web sites.

And you can click on them and get them to contact. They will assist you with A-Z party planning and introduce you to the best event photographers and caterers with a discount. Therefore, getting their support to throw a great party will always be a good idea.   

Party planning app

Be competent in the present hospitality business; it is decisive to be up-to-date with the modern and newest technology that can save precious minutes or hours of your commotion list. There are plenty of event planning apps out there that can save you time, and we have rounded them all up here today–divided into use cases.

“Super Planner” is a professional event-planning app, which gives you the facility to count the number of guests according to your budget. “Eventbrite” is a free app to create, promote, and sell tickets for events. “Certain Arrive, Zkipster, MagicPlan, Spotify, and Decibel Ultra are other useful apps that allow you to plan your particular date without getting any mess.  


We discussed different party themes, party planning tips, techniques, and themes from the above passages. As you know, a party is something that brings a break from your usual fed up lifestyle. In another manner, it is the most beautiful occasion where you can serve your special guests with sweet and savory cousins. 

Well, there are several to-do things for you while planning the party. And you can get the assistance of web planners, event organizers, and mobile apps to make your particular date a success. Therefore, we hope that this article will help serve as excellent inspiration for the party newbies.


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