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Party Themes – Best unique party themes for any party 2022 for Birthdays, Christmas, bachelorette, Collage

A theme is an inferred stance that runs through the party. Depending on the event, the party organizer can identify the commodity. There are thousands of pieces to select from. You can even create your composition based on love, war, motherhood, animated characters, Disney world, heroes, and classical themes or according to any of your moods.

Depending on your invitees and audience, you can select an optional melody for your party. The whole party/ event and the decorations will drizzle through this chosen theme. For proms, weddings, anniversary, and corporate events, these themes are, therefore, attractive.

During the year 2021, classical themes such as a day in the 1920s became more popular a day in the 1950s. Game night stories, fairy tales stories, Hollywood stories, and snowing theme” vigilant. From this article, I hope to discuss the latest, brand new, and most blissful themes over time for different celebrations.

Party Themes

Party Themes for Adults 

Adults love to recreate their past most of the time. Therefore, themes such as bygone eras, roaring ’20s, pirate stories about crossing the seven seas, and the disco era seem more delightful for them. In the ’20s, 50’s and 70’s century, dinner tables and poodle skirts were the grace. 

Rock and roll balloons, retro pops, and American-style classical music will take your guests to their young age, and they will be thankful to you for recreating this moment. Moreover, the bellbottom pant of the ’70s, disco balls with funky music takes you to a fun era where you can wear contrast color costumes and enjoy. 

The casino night theme is suited for adults where you can go on wearing formal or casual. The piece itself can re-form a casino party in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Mardi Gras, a brilliant festival theme in New Orleans, USA, is another colorful deco where you can enjoy your decorations using Green, Gold, and Purple color blend.

Guests who are over 21 years

You can also try themes with beer cans and treat cups. Guests who are over 21 years of age, and have permission to try out alcohol, will then have beer tasting placements. “Star themes, night theme” parties are also good selections: the decorations, utensils, backdrops, and even serviette papers printed in the same theme. There are thousands of articles and packages for you to select among enormous themes under vivid topics for adults. 

Party Themes for Kids

Kids love cartoons and fictional characters. Therefore, these characters have become their favorite idols. Minions – the lovable stylish little creature, Scooby-Doo – along with ever loved Shaggy, Daphne, and Velma, Harry Potter – the imaginative wizard world are favorite themes all the time.

SpongeBob that is perfect for a summer pool party, Bubbles, and Brunch, Wonder Woman are some of their favorite tunes. Youngsters also love Lego themes, gender-neutral party themes, Unicorn theme, Camp out parties where they can chill outdoors with their parents, and fictional superheroes, mermaids, and fairies characters.

Animated themes

Contrasting colors with giant balloons are always beautiful for each of these animated themes. “Cotton Candy” birthday party theme is one of the colorful, matching pieces for your softhearted little one. You can add more colors to the sensitivity by toting many colors with cool patterns. “Vintage Gumball Theme,” which is the primary color, is eye-catching red color, and cake-like a gumball machine is a bit retro yet still famous theme in kid’s parties. 

To give your little ghouls and ghosties a remarkable experience, you can host a Kid’s Craft Halloween Party”. Selecting purple and lime green for the decoration might give a right scary feeling for them to chill out. You also can cut brat wings and add more creepy experience.  

“Water Balloon Pinata” is a famous theme to throw the best summer party for the kids. They will enjoy the water wars on a sunny afternoon. You can add water and sprinkles to water guns and balloons, or else you can customize the theme with your own “Do It Yourself” ideas. Hydration is always a key to a soiree on sunny evenings.

A cold drink station, baby pool, more games with H2O, ice cube games will add more fashion to the kid’s party. Did you know that you could make a delicious theme using fresh fruits? Why give them frozen food and sweet treats for all the parties? You can try out delightful fruit balls like the new theme. That will make their precious teeth pleasant. Rainbow fruit palates and veggie pops are easy to make and healthy.

Stay Safe

Parents always worry about kids learning and improvement. Therefore, motivating them with clear and perfect party theme ideas connected to their desired future careers will always be an inspiration. “Stay Safe” is a great idea where you can teach children about the necessary medical procedures while playing happily.

If the childhood dream to become a scientist one day, throwing him/her a scientific themed party will be delightful. Old lava lamps, white lab coats, mimic sterile laboratory equipment for decorations are an excellent idea.  Some easy lab experiments, letting kids make their play doughs, will be festive activities for kids to hang out with their friends.

Party Themes for Kids

“Tea Party” is another exciting theme where kids will be allowed to offer their handcrafted beverages to their loved friends. They will learn to decorate the table, serve, and table ethics by enabling them to host a tea party.

Likewise, there are plenty of themes for kids regardless of their gender. The party decoration, costumes, gift wrappers, backyard decorating, and backdrops should design based on the music, and it will give more glamour to the event.

Party Themes for Girls

The little bosses are funny, cute characters who will only be satisfied with the smooth planning.  Although it is hard to satisfy them, it is interesting to know their desires. It will also be a funny experience to design her flowers of choice for her imaginative cake design. Whether your cuties turn one or sixteen years of age, there are plenty of sweet party themes for girls.

In the first birthday celebration, the host is always the parents. Therefore, family friends and the relative invited to the festival. The “theme pink” always goes with girls. “Mermaid theme,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Butterfly theme” consider as the pinkish glamourous themes, which are an all-time favorite. Disney themes such as “Alice in Wonderland” are inspirational characters of the kids over the years.


You can arrange a big center table covered with white lace material and big red roses in it. The host can also set a tea party to make their tea according to their favor.  Little girls will also enjoy seen butterflies hang on the wall at their party. They are selecting a “butterfly theme” where the cake and the cupcakes designed with soft better icing in the shape of butterflies will add more color to their celebration.

“Superhero” themes let your baby girl feel that she is a bossy girl. You can offer a cup of cake for dessert, with the signs such as “Whoa, Pow, Wham and Super,” which indicates old hero stories. The “candy shop” theme is a perfect idea for a sweet tooth.

Chocolates and cookies

Make sure to offer plates fill with chocolates and cookies for supper. You can also have large lollipops wrapped in colorful papers and make candy ornaments as a fun activity. “Doughnut” party theme is also a brilliant idea for little girls. You can decorate the party area using pastel colors and display doughnut and cupcake stands. 

With the selected theme, you then have to decide the specific place to through the party. The regular house birthday parties may not be attractive to them. You can call them for a jumpy house where the little ones can enjoy bouncing.

The place should be select according to the interest of your daughter/ loved one. A camping site near a lake or a summer garden is also a suitable venue. There you again can try out different kinds of irregular foods items. You can name the outdoor Camp in the girl’s name and hang up a signboard to make supper unique for the girl. She and her friends can then take memorable snapshots, which is worth remembering.

Party Themes for Teens

A teen has hundreds of reasons to celebrate. It can be a birthday party, college party, graduation party, or a hangover with friends. Teenage is the age that you can make thousands of memories in life, as it’s the most energetic time of experience as a free bird. Picking a theme for your party will be therefore bit challenging at this age.

In recent years, the “movie-themed party” became popular. Here you can pick a movie of your choice, and if it is a famous movie among your friends, they will be captivated to attend the party.  The classic pieces are much popular in the movie theme, as you can follow the epic dresses.

Party Themes for Teens

“Black and white” themes are also much popular with teenagers due to its classy look. Having black and white decorations, casting black and white movies in the big theater, and dressed up to a formal yet fancy style will be fun-based for the teens.

Barbie party

“Barbie party” is also a famous theme for teenage girls as some of them have a desire to become actual babies in real life. This gathering is all about bright colors, and you can try a different kind of sweet treats. The host can schedule a photo booth with creative photographers who will bring lasting fantasies to life.    

“Once upon a time” and fairy tale themed parties are like a dream for teenage girls. “Little red riding hood, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty and Beauty and the Beast” will always take them to their childhood memories. Teen boys usually go for “spooky night themes, superhero themes, and Halloween themes. Else, they do select sporty pieces with simple colors.

Boy Birthday Party Themes

When the little rascal turns older, he will love heroes, cars, and robots than ever. For little boys, a “mickey mouse” theme will be more suitable. It usually comes with red, black, and yellow color decorations, and you can alter the colors. “Dinosaur theme” is another fantasy for little kiddos.

It is a better way to present him to the Mesozoic era. “Batman party theme” is also a great idea with the rat wings added to the decorations. The dark color decorations, the black backdrop will memorize him of the Gotham city”. “Outer space birthday party themes” is unique. The vigorous young chap who is curious about outer space will be pleased to have this kind of a party.

Party Themes for Boys

“Pirate party theme” where boys can dress up like the pirates in the dark sea will be the newest experience for your sneaky little one. He will enjoy the shipwrecked scenarios and anchor-shaped decorations in his party theme. “Construction party theme” where the little one wants the scenery of excavators, working sites, and building blocks is a good idea to entertain them.

“Science themed parties” are also a motivational activity for kids who loves to become future scientists. “Superhero themes” such as spiderman, superman, and batman are famous all the time, and you even can bring the entire superman to one platform to double their joy.

“Nurf gun party, battle themed party, water gun summer themed parties, car razor themed parties, Lego-themed parties, Nautical themed parties and back yard parties” are also in the top corner of the list.   

Collage Party Theme

Collage fun with friends is priceless as it is the golden days of one’s lifetime. Stress-free, joyful, and energetic young generation have thousands of reasons to party, and there are specific and challenging themes for their parties. Frat parties are known as a bit rowdy and most common party in the Collage. House parties, tailgates, club parties are the other types of parties at the Collage.

Most of these parties get along with a theme, most specifically, college students select black, and neon pieces as these parties are night parties. “Halloween parties, Apocalypse parties, beer parties” are the most common party themes among college dudes. A “highlighter’s party” where bring a rare lover as the partner to the night is an occasion where you covered with neon lights.

Costume and makeup

“Anything but clothes” is a theme where you have to cover yourself using any material instead of clothes. Here you can become more creative and design your attire. “Toga” theme is where you have to wear a bedsheet and sandals for the party.

“Aliens and Astronauts theme” allows you to wear any costume and makeup resembles Aliens and Astronauts. “Slumber party” is the place where you can wear pajamas. “High school stereotype” is the theme of acting like the high school characters such as cheerleaders, jock, or nerd. “Bad and Boujee” is a party where you have to show off using expensive outfits and money in hand. 

“Anything but human, Get Nauti, After sex, March Madness, Cool in Middle School, Fiesta, Meme, Spring Break, Rock and Roll, Boston Tea Party, Let Freedom Ring, Jail Break, Spy Next Door, Tight and Bright are a few of other famous college parties. These themes are unique, as it indicates by the attire, decorations, and light mostly.

Unique Party Themes

From the above paragraphs, we discussed the famous themes, which are an all-time favorite. Apart from the heroes and supermodels, there are plenty of unique pieces, which match any party. “Pink Flamingo Delights” is a pinkish theme, which brings tropics and tropical foods to your party.

You can use a blend of pastel colors to brighten the event. “Jungle Party” brings a greenery touch to the party, and you can give a feeling of a safari to your guests. You can display “beware of animals, don’t feed animals” near the creative handmade animals, and bring sensations to the participants. “Bright and glowing” is a theme where you can paste glittering stickers on your walls to give a space experience. 

Retro parties

“Retro parties” is another unique theme to throwback to different ancient times. You can add each time favorite candies to make the event more memorable for the guests. “Sweet Snow Corn” party is a colorful theme, which can print Styrofoam balls into bright colors and hang on the wall. You can buy or create your piñatas for more decoration. 

Cotton candies and paper cones are a great idea for that. “Carnival Time” gives a marvelous experience with added features such as making popcorns and balloon shoot games. “Luau Time” can make a beautiful umbrella wreath to welcome your friends to this island-inspired party.  “Circus Glory” is a reddish color theme were to use the candy apples and popcorn that takes you to childhood memories.

“Popsicle, Arabian Nights, Ice Cream, Margarita Party, Watermelon theme, Taco Party, Harry Potter Magic Party” are other few unique party themes to celebrate. 

Christmas Party Themes

The Christmas season is the busiest time of the year to engage with the guests. You have to invite friends, buy gifts, light the trees, and engage in more Christmas celebrations this month.  After all, it is not the real Christmas without celebrating a Christmas party. Therefore, will the best and glamourous themes for you to celebrate in this Christmas season.

“Brunch-mas,” have you ever tried this short party theme? Well, it is a Christmas feast on breakfast. “Fire Sight Hangouts” is a fitting celebration for summer campfires. “Fondue for a New” is a party where you can warm up your cold day by dipping your favorite cookies in hot chocolate. “Christmas Gift Craft – of” is an occasion where you can exchange your gifts with another partner/ partners.

Christmas Party Themes

“Holiday Talent Show” is a fun theme where you can show your talents. “Ladies Night” is a gathering of women with their beloved friends, and here you can enjoy wines, unwind and listen to your favorite music as your wish. 

“Characters of Christmas, Christmas Pajama Party, Ho-Ho-Ho Down, Christmas Cookie Wrap, Gingerbread House Contest, Pet Party, Christmas Carole-Oke, Worst Present Party, Cocktail for Christmas, Reindeer Games, Hot Cocoa Exchange, A Christmas Story, Christmas Movie Marathon, Christmas in Vegas, Cold Christmas, and White Christmas are other most common Christmas party themes.

Whether you need to host a harmonize party or a rustic party, or a relaxed Christmas eve, there are plenty of ideas for you to try out.

Birthday Party Themes

At a birthday celebration, you should wisely select a birthday theme, which will please your guests as well. Based on the party style and the age group, there are several themes for you to select. “Carnival Fun” keeps things festive, and you can customize the composition according to your wish with challenging games and outdoor fun activities.

“Woodland Wonderland” is a perfect theme for nature lovers. “80’s Bash,” where the 80’s babies can go to their era with cassette tapes and cardio. “Circus Soiree” allows a chance to rub the noses as a party favor. “Sports Party” is a customizable party theme according to your favorite sport and game events. “Princess themed party” is a hangover with fabulous dresses and colorful decorations.

“Construction Sprees, Farm Festivity, Rainbow Celebration, Mermaid Themed Parties, Chocolate Station, Sleepover Soiree, Hybrid Hoopla, and Book Banquet” are suitable themes regardless of the age. You also can select a party type such as “Camping Cheer, Movie Jubilee, Beach Bash, Prom Party, Karaoke Jubilee, and Black and White Balls are other party types where you can enjoy your birthday. 

Halloween Party Themes

Halloween is not an exception; it is a fantastic thing to celebrate. It can be either spooky or funny.

“Monster Mash Halloween Party, Creepy Crawler Halloween Party, Skeleton Bones Party, Jack O’ Lantern’s Party, Brats and Broomstick Party, Ghost and Goblin Party, Casper, the Friendly Ghost Party, Orange, and Black Party Theme, Black and Gold, All White, Nightmare on ELM Street, Scream Theme Party, Stephan King Party, and Rocky Horror Picture Show are common topics for Halloween parties.

You can add more glamour to the party by adding groovy sounds and misty weather conditions to make it more real.

Bachelorette Party Themes

One of the best ways for a girl to de-stress is having a party. A bachelorette party with her besties before the wedding date is a dream of every girl. There are hundreds of themes for a bachelorette party. “Last Splash Mermaid Bash” can celebrate in a seashore wearing a mermaid suit or swimsuits, and it will be the newest experience for all.

“Bohemian Bride Theme, Let’s Get Nauti-Cal, Bride’s Final Fiesta, Glamping Girl’s Weekend, Tropic Like it’s Hot, No Boy’s Allowed Slumber Party are the most fabulous ideas all the time. Backyard Barbeque, Yoga Theme, Movie Night, Game Night, Winery Weekend, and Wiggin Out” are other creative ideas.

Not only that, you can customize your party by adding girl’s events such as swimming with friends, shopping, trying beauty tips, body massages, nails colorings, and any girls’ only activities, which they find interesting.

Holiday Party Themes

Seasonal party themes always include several fun activities and outdoor bashes. “A Story Book Christmas, Fill Santa’s Sleigh, Christmas in Vegas, Building Christmas, A Christmas Auction, The White Elephant, Out of This World Holiday Party, Do Good and Feel Good, is most prominent.

Mix and Mingle, Fireside Roasting and Toasting, Trim and Tree theme, Inside Snow Globe, Milk, and Cookies, and Candyland are a few of the year bashing parties. You can have fun with your loved ones during the seasonal decoration and throw them a memorable and priceless experience, which is worth remembering.


We discussed different kinds of party themes for vivid events in our lifetime. When it comes to design an event, the most challenging thing is to finalize a piece for the party. Whether it’s an office party, birthday party, holiday celebration, event launch, housewarming party, or any other gathering, the theme you select will create a coherence, atmosphere, or a natural structure based on the selection.

Therefore, there are thousands of party themes to pick from, and you can easily search for them online. Together, you can install any party app such as “Pro Party Planner, Pinterest, Super Planner, and Eventbrite” are very few famous names among party planning helpers available to download. 


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